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    Brussels – 21 November 2019

    Best Practice Workshop Employee Journey Mapping - Brussels


    During this Best Practice Workshop you will be inspired by certified Top Employers who share their employee journeys and during the workshop we will work to sharpen your employee journey!

    • How does the employee journey look like within different organisations?
    • The determining role of HR in creating the desired employee journey.
    • Challenges, practices and successful initiatives.

    Participant profile

    Senior level HR, HR Businesspartners 250+ employees. Be aware that this workshop will be held in Dutch.


    • 13u30       Entry and registration
    • 14u00       Karine Vandenberghe – KPMG
    • 14u30       Kathleen Dekeirel and Claire Van Heeswijk - Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen
    • 15u00       Break
    • 15u30       Getting started: Employee Journey Mapping in practice
    • 16u30       Borrel & Networking
    • 17u00       End


    KPMG, Luchthaven Brussel Nationaal 1K, 1930 Zaventem